Change become attached water meter. Hard case.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Usually, the replacement of water meters not cause difficulties "rukastym peasants" But there are times when a conventional wrench, remove the metering device is not possible. This stems from the "become attached nut" on the water meter. Nuts oxidized at leaky soedineniyah- locksmith not doge gasket. Over time, a small leak terminated due to oxidation processes. Therefore, the compound of counter-nut become hard collapsible. And one key on 30 mm is not enough.

most hated metering device with which I encounter this- SVK 15 Vladimir Arzamaskov instrument-making plant. Sami counters are made of brass, and thanks to this, though not of iron. The main "herd" producers of this "miracle" supplied with the instrument:

Iron mounting kit, two nuts and two connecting pipes (polusgony). They are made of iron! Our waterthey immediately react with brass threaded meter, and take a strong liking almost tightly. The photo below is an example.

In this case, it managed to loosen a nut, and the second did not give a little hands broke two gas switches.

The counter must be changed, the way out only one. Remove the device together with the union. To do this, two gas keys carefully, without applying unnecessary force on the shut-off valve, unscrew the water meter. One gas or a wrench adhere crane second fitting unscrew rotten.

On a note

The interval between replacements room counters water at the moment is 6 years. Let's say you have replaced meters in 2013, watching the water meter the release date in the passport (a piece of paper comes bundled to a new flow meter) or on the fixture. To this date pribavlete 6 years. If the number and the year of the verification passed, the unit will need to change, calibration is not recommended. In our case, 2013 + 6 = 2019 meters is time to change.

The free thread wrap a new nut with a nipple, use flax and lubricants.

Tighten the nut with gaskets provide the pressure in the conduit, check for leaks.


Before the self-replacement of water meters, please specify in the dispensation, if you can, to pluck the control seals resursosnabzhayuschey organization. Do not lay down for you the penalty for your actions.

It remains only to cause the controller to check the water meter sealing. Continuing the theme:

Change the water meters on their own. Fotoinstruktsiya - link

I hope I was able to bring you useful information, if this is so, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.

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