A neighbor in the garage threw LED lamp, I picked it up and restored.

  • Dec 28, 2019

The other day a neighbor in his garage cleaned and cooked garbage heap of junk, or anything useful was not there, the usual rubbish that is dumped for years in a garage. Later this garbage one day, gritting his heart is thrown. Because it is no longer room for useful things in the garage.

The only thing that I was interested in his handful starya- modern lamp, which according to him, he took the electricians. Neighbor gladly gave me a lamp, with the -words "Maybe otremontiruesh and gave it back to me, ha, ha, ha."- After taking the lamp with him and I said goodbye.

I have experience in repairing of LED bulbs, as I wrote earlier, leave a link at end of article. Therefore considered that it is worth spending the time to repair and possibly blown LED and needs to close.

Repair LED lamp

Opening the lighting apparatus was a little disappointed, LEDs were no outward signs of failure - usually a black dot on a yellow body diode. Just for convenience purchased additional cord for lamps.

A closer look revealed that the lighting equipment, locksmith facelifted my hands, has a light sensor, and sound effects.

I need a lamp powered by the switch will solve this problem.

We are looking for the cause of failure

Closed cell responds to light clay and snapped his fingers a couple of times (the impact on the sound sensor) in a working lamp after such manipulation LEDs must emit light, but this is not happened.

LEDs whole, external examination did not reveal any burnt chips mean down the line fault detection sensors. Closes the "legs" picture element, and lo and behold, every other time but the lamp lights up... Decided to short-circuit the outputs to the solar cell, but this action did not lead to success.

Crept into the idea that a sensor unit itself is faulty and began looking for ways to work around this square "pribludy". Voltmeter began to look for that need to connect to the lamp to burn force. I was surprised! Why this stress on vyvodah- 384 volts? Please answer in comments, connoisseurs.

Oh has not been!

Short-circuit the two contacts on which the 380-volt power supply and applied... But nothing happened, there was a short circuit, smoke did not go, the lamp does not work. Phew upset.


Once the repair was unsuccessful, I decided not to lose anything. Block with sensors on ceremony decided not to break down. And much to my wonder a light-emitting unit is deigned to work on pryamuyu- ALILUYA. At that moment I was very pleased.

The author of this text does not encourage you to take action and responsibility for your health and life. This material is published for informational purposes and is not an instruction to repair lighting.

LED bulb burns out? Do not throw away - link

I hope I was able to bring you useful information, if this is so, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.