I cut with scissors plumbers everything

  • Dec 28, 2019

Over the years, a plumber through my hands have passed a lot of scissors on polypropylene. From expensive to cheap. At the moment, using the most inexpensive scissors to quickly tupyatsya. Just simply tired of fuss over expensive bulls, then steal them, their partner begins to cut that nepopadya.🤦♂️

Re buying new scissors for 300 rubles. old thrown in the garage. But in my troubled mind matured thought, what can an old pair of scissors? Well friends, pristupaem.🕵️♂️

The first in the garage under the arm fell four-core cable, section 4 square.

Scissors effortlessly handled, leaving a beautiful srez.🤔

Further decided razret old, brass hose to the shower heads.

Again scissors did not have to sweat. They cut without problem.😎

Flexible connection to the faucet and cistern, our next patient.

Whether good hose, or too flexible material. Only managed to crush the liner. Apparently stainless braid has a good margin of safety.

Further, trying to cut, the wood, a 10 mm diameter. It always carry a bag with the tool. If anyone guessed it, write in the comments below the article. And who was the first to write on my email he will receive a hundred on mobilu😏

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With great effort but it managed to cut the wood.

Do you think that can be cut with scissors so still?

Not prischimite fingers in the scissors.
Not prischimite fingers in the scissors.

When working with these scissors T.B observe, do not put the limb in nih.🤺

I hope you have been interesting.