Three critical bugs in the bathroom. Real photos. Do not repeat.

  • Dec 28, 2019

I received an order from a young girl on the replacement of water meters. For a long time I am working as a plumber. For me, this work is common, does not cause trouble. In this apartment, faced with the lack of logical thinking in the person who performs work for plumbers and electricians. I'm not one of those people who do not speak about other people's works. If I see that the previous master of the work was done badly or not very good quality - it means he on that there were reasons. But not in this case.

Before you picture a top view of notice carefully what is wrong here? Do not rush to scroll down. Get Smart. I am sure that many of my readers will pay attention to the "doorsteps". They are pictured three, at least.

Substitution counters.
Substitution counters.

As one square meter managed to collect three very critical errors. I do not understand. According to the owner of the apartment, she cohabited with a man. He was doing all the work on repair and plumbing and electrical wiring. A sort of handyman categories- "I could do anything and would not answer."

Well, let's begin debriefing.

error first

How to steal the water? Life hacking.
How to steal the water? Life hacking.

Connection of the washing machine produced through the filter. water intake occurs by hydrometer. In fact there is water theft. From the words of owner of the apartment she did not know that stealing water. And yet - how this miracle of the master managed to spin a different thread pitch of the hose and filter, it remains a mystery to me.

error second

Sockets for washing machine It is below the level of water pipes. What's that? Some indignant and say that there is nothing wrong with that no- "I have a home and no one is not killed." Obyasnyayu- outlet is located below the threaded pipe joints. When a burst pipe or threaded connections such that the mixer cm. a photo.

The water stream will flow to the outlet and electricity will gently "tickle" the landlord or the same plumbing, trying to cut off the water. I do not rule out that a person with a weak heart may be in the same "fold skates" because of short-sighted thinking "home mastera- LOMASTERA".

error third

We have a washing machine for some reason jumps in pressing time and let her hard fix and the problem will be solved! Probably so I thought a former roommate of the girl.

Complete fixing washing machine leads to a rapid deterioration of the internal parts due to the strong vibration is not a successful arrangement of the laundry at push-ups.

For example if a person is very angry, then you must reset the emu pairs, if the pair does not reset the person wears out quickly.

And washing machine, extra vibrations coming out. And washing machine lasts longer. Therefore, the rigid fixation of the household washing machines on the floor is prohibited.

The landlady, a very interesting lady, invited me to drink coffee and discuss solutions to problems. After talking for a short time, we have come a consensus, schools must be destroyed!

I hope I have conveyed to you useful information if this is the case, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.