What a hole? I asked the client pointing to the riser

  • Dec 28, 2019

I work as a plumber, sometimes my career throws such clients that though stand, though fall. After completing another application for the replacement of the mixer in the bathroom, the landlady, is quite charming lady, offered a cup of tea with cakes. But it had to be abandoned. Since quitting (fu how disgusting) began to rapidly put on weight. Therefore it is necessary to abandon the extraordinary teas. After gathering all the tools and on the threshold of the house, the client would not let me. Beckoned to the toilet:

- "What's the hole?" - Asked a curious lady pointing to the riser.


- "All I want to ask knowledgeable people, but no one has" - Complained hozyaka apartment.

- "This is not a hole, and technological hole, designed to help service personnel, such as I am, to eliminate blockages after the dominance of the pipeline cloths, napkins, tampons and all other riff-raff. "- I replied, a little nervous unnecessarily hurried to application.

Note without the flared pipe joint, such a method is widely used when trying to save pipe at wrong footage based pipelines. We once had to use this method in the cap. repair houses. Just master miscalculated, pieces of pipe had to be heated with a burner and pulling on another pipe of the same diameter.
Bezrastrubnoe connection
Bezrastrubnoe connection

But back to the hostess:

- "there is sometimes" comes "smell" -, said our curious lady.

It was necessary to remove the cover and reveal chewed gasket, adjusting her twisted plug threaded into place.

- "After these manipulations, the smells in the apartment must be the abyss and did not bother you" - I said to the lady in the red coat.

At the same time received a call from team-mate with a request to hurry up and help him in solving important problems of the universe. In short - you need a hand to him to clear the blockage in the cellar. I had to retire and leave the hospitable house.

Minute education. All the windows in the sewers, through which you can watch the situation in truboprovode- that is sitting there and does not allow to pass feces called AUDITThrough it also can be cleaned kanalyugu. A tee which is usually called a horizontal pipe UncloggingThrough it can only be cleaned drain.

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