I quit smoking nasvay. But there are problems.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Smoking chewing tobacco causes such as nicotine dependence, as well as regular cigarettes. The fact that I started to quit smoking, I wrote in this article. In it, I promised that stop smoking and I did. At the moment, I do not use nicotine "nipples".

Nasvay placed under the lip.
Nasvay placed under the lip.

It helped me quit smoking drug that you see in the photo (below). As described in the instructions it replaces the nicotine receptors and acts on the addictive. At the time of taking the drug had an aversion to nasvay, but over the course of the preparation, the active substance escapes from the body and the need for harmful habit comes back again.

Attention. Before the use of any medications should consult a doctor.

What to do:

1) Again buy an expensive drug and drink the following courses. Expensive.

2) Start smoking. Harmful and expensive.

3) Willpower not to go back to the bad habit. Hard, but not bad for free.

I chose the third embodiment. Breaking the psychological is, but overcome. eventually my receptors in the brain forget the taste of nicotine and "varenicline" (the active ingredient in the formulation). Then we begin to live

happily ever after.

If you have friends that consume nasvay, then send them this article, all of a sudden, they read it will throw a bad habit with me.