The second universal method of cleaning the toilet. Laytovy

  • Dec 28, 2019

He comes unexpectedly, when it does not expect. Especially at a crucial moment: you have to come visit or if you have a great desire to visit the other white. And the name him- clogged toilet. The toilet clogged toilet, lives in the apartment stops and becomes gray paint. Go to relieve himself in the usual manner is no longer possible and you want to call the plumber. But experts call for a latrine, can make a hole in your budget and may leave unpleasant memories from communicating with a specialist.

Clogged toilet.
Clogged toilet.

But out there, you'll need stretch filmThat is available to every respectable housewife.

Using create film coating on the toilet.

1) Using the film as much as necessary to create a solid surface that can withstand the excess pressure of the air mass underneath the rim.

Contamination and stretch films.
Contamination and stretch films.

2) The usual tape reinforcing structures, stretch film is pasted to the toilet bowl. Create an air sealed air bubble.

3) Making sure that your film is firmly adhered, wash off with water in the toilet bowl. Your film inflates, you will need to sharply push it against excessive pressure in the toilet, cork squeezed out into the sewerage riser -

blockage cleared.

If luck has left you, and nothing happened, do not worry, there is another way, a more efficient - link.

I hope I have conveyed to you useful information if this is the case, then let mark plumber "kid-skin"For effort! Thanks.