Chopsticks instead siphon sewer cleaning. Review.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Occasionally looking at Aliekspresse what or household goods. Ordering, by the arrival of the goods do an honest review for their readers. This time ordered wands for sewerage, which ostensibly eliminate the nasty smell and prevent clogging sewage. Preduprezhdayu- is unpleasant to the eye experiment.

 sani Sticks
sani Sticks

As broadcast "Sell Now" Ali these wands must-

1. one piece a month to prevent odors.
2. Made from 100% stronger enzymes, it can effectively decompose and assimilate organic deposits and fats.
3. Keep the drainage system used in the kitchen, bathroom and utility clean and eliminates odors and blockages.
4. maintain the safety of pipes and septic tanks.

How to check the sticks that will hang in the trap and are not visible to the eye? The answer is to create conditions:

1) Take the warm water.

2) Slice the oil (fat).

3) The hair cat. His wife refused to sacrifice her hair, arguing tem "Fuck off with your stupid experiments" had to be postponed a pair of scissors.

Mix all this "Baidu" and put a stick in it.

As a result, a 15-minute stirring it practically disappeared. And the assurance that seller must live in the siphon almost a month.

Week later

The solution was on the balcony for a week, hair is not dissolved, the smell sticks disappeared and became unpleasant smell.


Money wasted, refresh content kanalyugi about a day. Neither of which the dissolution of the deposit and not a speech. It is easier and cheaper to stick a piece of soap into the siphon and use, but this is not advice, but because the word. Link to the product did not meet my expectations do not leave.

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