Poverty Psychology. In the example of the mixer.

  • Dec 28, 2019

I received a request to repair the mixer, fault - not diverted the water pressure in the shower mode. A cursory examination concluded that it is easier to replace than its mixer otremontirovat- cheapest China.

Cheap mixer 2 years.
Cheap mixer 2 years.
Burst mixer housing.
Burst mixer housing.

After talking with the landlady, I told her to buy a mixer price not less than 2000-2500 rubles.

Re coming to the same address in the installation of a new mixer was upset. She again got deshmansky China for 1300 rubles. Explaining his action so that - "I do not see any difference, they look all the same," Apparently her toad strangled... I had carefully set smesak, the likelihood that the failure will occur at the time of high installation. Thin wall of the mixer. Some details of silumin.

Mixer for a year.
Mixer for a year.

This example clearly tracked example of poor thinking. We still have a history teacher at the school said quote:

We are not rich enough to buy cheap things.


1) Bought a cheap plumber will be changed more frequently, as a result be much more expensive.

2) Ekonmish on food, do not buy fruit, vitamins, eat little dairy and meat products to begin a health problem.

3) ill and decided to be treated with cheap lekarstvami- sick for a long time.

4) Problems with zdorovem- not possible to make good money.

My dear readers, do not skimp where you can not save!

How to choose the standard mixer I described in this article.

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