Plumber is no longer needed. Clean blockages special cable in China.

  • Dec 28, 2019

To clean the sewer blockage cunning marketers offer us a "thousand and one" means. Sometimes you wonder abundance of cleaning products in supermarkets on the basis of alkali. Upon mixture of alkali with any gel is worth a penny. But they sell it for big "grandmother" So get cheap way to combat clogged siphons like this:

Cleaner "Mole"
Cleaner "Mole"

The usual remedy can help to remove part of the impurities in the siphon. But with cooking fat, in practice, no means fails.

Clean cable.

Normal household wire from the hardware store can effectively cope with clogging. But it has several disadvantages:

1) Requires partner. One cable rotates, pushes a second tube.

2) Mara all around. Since before you start you need to deploy it to its full length. And this is an average 3-5 meters.

3) Not easy storage. It has to constantly expand and collapse.

Worn out with the rope ordered Aliekspress spetstrosik longer on site 7 ! meters. In a compact package. Some automatically wonder, why so long? This is due to two factors.

1) Kitchen Khrushchev:

Kitchen. Sink near the window.
Kitchen. Sink near the window.

The sink is located under the window. The total length of sewer 50 mm diameter of 7 meters. While fat crawls to the central riser he safely smeared over the inner surface of pipes. Especially fat loves to stick to the sewer when I sink under low temperature. And this happens in winter. When the outside temperature is minus 30 under my sink, plus 7 degrees Celsius. The cleaning process must be carried out kanalyugi me often.

2) work plumber. You will not have to call a partner just to twist rope and shares with him the money.

Special cable.

Special cable from China.
Special cable from China.
A good tool is checked in, for pipes up to 50 mm is ideal, easy to store and carry (spring retracts into the box, it is a pity that it is not made of stainless steel, but then the price would be quite different) as compared to "brand" counterparts price is ridiculous.

Cable tested in practice. After use wipe.

Clean drains.
Clean drains.

cable case itself, I have to understand and looked apparatus device. And also considered the principle of working with him in the narrative - link.

Current price of the device via the link on the site aliekspress- link.

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