Blunders use FUM tape.

  • Dec 28, 2019

In a hardware store salespeople constantly vtyuhivayut China, cheap FUM tape ordinary buyers. Regardless of the order, customer purchase expensive boiler or set of linings. Professional installer of plumbing is not often used in fumku critical joints. If one has to resort to such a tape is trying to get FUM tape used in the oil and gas industry. She is strong and they are much better. Or use the brand, but the price they bite.

Foum Feed
Foum Feed


Often not fulfilling complex works on plumbing to replace the usual average person trying to shove all threaded connections FUMku. Practical benefits, this procedure will not bring compaction. A harm in some cases.

Photos from practice.
Photos from practice.

1) In the first case distribute any nut flexible hose has its own seal. Using fum tape will lead to dense proleganiya pad to the end of the thread. Cutting tape can get into the pipeline and Sause orifice fittings.

2) In the second picture the replacement or installation of water meters nut clamps a rubber or silicone gasket. Foum tape on the threads complicates installation of the water meter. The cut tape can also get into the water meter and cause a stop device.

3) The most dangerous consequencesfum use tape on the third photo. If the thread spool piece Mighty fumki and firmly tighten her plastic nut from the hose of the washing machine, it will not leak. But over time, the nut of the plastic could burst and cause flooding in costly repairs you or neighbors.

Using Tape FUM is justified when there is a small gap in the threaded connections and no way to seal the threads of linen with a sealing paste. Also on their practice using ODM on the threads of plastic.

From SW. your plumber Timofei Mikhailov.