Washbasin above the washing machine. Blunder.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Have a cozy bathroom dream of every owner of the apartment. But the bathrooms do not always have a large area, especially in old buildings apartments. Combine the toilet with a bath with my point of view should not be, it created a number of inconveniences for the whole family. Precious square footage you can save if you place over the sink washing machine. But causes additional costs. Under a special sink requires a little washing machine. A few days ago I had to deal with improper installation of wash-basin and washing machine.

Error .

Repairs in the bathroom means decent costs: construction materials such as tiles, adhesives, primers, etc. Work normal, professional tiler is quite expensive. Besides it is usually updated plumber toilet, bathtub, sink. How to tell the hostess money at all enough, but the washing machine, she did not plan to change. As a result a tiler mounted sink the old templates that the old high washing machine height of 80 cm. It turned out what happened. Washbasin in this case rose to a height one meter.

 A collage of your own photos.
A collage of your own photos.

Disadvantages when washing hands:

1) Water flows down the elbows.

2) We have to bear in the washing machine.

3) Knees abut stiralku.

4) Children without stand can not be washed.

Siphon and mounting.
Siphon and mounting.


If you install the sink above the washing machine it is necessary to change the washing machine on a narrow and high.

Proper installation.

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