When the heat is shut off.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Every year at the end of the heating season at a positive temperature outside air in many homes becomes unbearably hot. Many residents of the apartments have to open the windows wide open and the air conditioner. In some homes, sometimes complain that the batteries are strongly "Fry" is not dependent on the heat on the street there.

Monometr on the heating system.
Monometr on the heating system.

Reasons for much warm battery.

1) Almost all homes are heat metering devices. Perhaps the heating system are trying to apply the maximum amount of heat, so that in the future to make more profit.

2)If the house has individual heat points (ITP), the potential failure of process equipment. It should contact the management company.


You live in the old fund and plans to replace radiators?! Not stingy, and set adjusting valves. But at the same time on batteries have to be jumper. Thus, if the apartment air temperature is high enough to cover the valves can charge flow, and set a comfortable temperature of the air in your "mansion."

The temperature controller of the heating system. Individual heat point. ETC.
The temperature controller of the heating system. Individual heat point. ETC.

The heat is shut off.

RF Government Decree of 06.05.2011 N 354 "On the provision of utilities ...

Season termination of supplying heat to the apartments can begin the day if the outdoor temperature is as high as 8 degrees Celsius for 5 days.

But at the same time the heating system in conjunction with the city authorities are guided by the closest weather forecast. If the cold weather soon. Then the probability of disconnection of heating is minimal.

So my friend suffer. "Fire bones do not ache." If the heating system is shut off your boiler then re-run it, they will not. The process is quite complicated and laborious.

From SW. your plumberTimofei Mikhailov.