The most attractive girl plumber.

  • Dec 28, 2019

The news flashed information about the most attractive women on the plumber profession. Woman Plumber sounds unusual. But this is the reality that girls work in this area is very difficult. Firstly dirty and cramped conditions, imagine how it would be for example to clean the blockage in the corner kitchen set.

But let's take a closer look to it. Her name is Carly Gail, who lives in England. 30 years. Earning 3000 pounds per month.

If we translate our wood that is 254 464 rubles a month. Yes, she is not only beautiful and professional, so it also gets more of the hard workers in Russia.

Of the photo collage can be seen that it is engaged in installation of boilers and soldering copper pipe. Well, thank God, that does not clean blockages.

For such work it taught my father. Over the weekend, he took her to help with the work. By the way my parents were against it to continue his father's craft. But it is against their will was admitted to the "School of plumbing profession." As a result, she was the only girl among 200 boys in this specialty.

Many do not believe that it is a plumber and it ask again: "Do you do that job, and you have enough qualifications". It does not take offense and prove them wrong quality work.

When I started my career plumbing, cool sounds, however. We also worked a woman plumber. She gave a head start on many quality work.

I caught myself thinking that if I can work with a partner a woman? Probably, not... Guy though mat can curse, and it be like?