I was not scared off hot water. Installed water heater.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Brr wash in cold water. Not! In my apartment is not going to happen. Install flow-through water heater. Acquired it through the online store, suitable, which explodes at a cut-in system. It has two levels of protection.

1) The heater is equipped with the Hall sensor, which controls the water flow in the water heater
2) protection switching without water

Install additional protection in the form of safety and non-return valve in one. Depressurized due to an abnormal overheating of the flask and the heating elements.

My electric "friend" gets under the washbasin. Picture 1.

In the photo №3 took the sink. Visible connection points. In the photo number 3 and 4 show the fittings for connection. They spent an additional 1,000 rubles.

Cylinder assembly made using polypropylene tubes. Photo 1 shows the tees. They screwed the mixer hoses. The photo shows the final installation 2-3-4 "unit" to paste it on the double-sided tape. Pipes rigidly hold a source of warm water, and the attachment complete are not suitable because of mounting features.

Not necessarily to make installation of the device in such a way can be connected by means of flexible podvodok that simplify installation. But with hose connection is necessary to monitor their condition. The actual price of the water-heater can see in an online shop Ozone

Wiring diagram can be found in a previous article - here The heater has a high power electrical load and network. But let's talk about this in future articles.

You've read the article to the end?Thank you friend. I am glad to help. 👍