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  • Dec 28, 2019

In recent years, given the dismal situation in the country, landlords are increasingly becoming interested in what brand of mixer can be purchased. An important criterion when choosing a mixer is the low price. To my objection that a good mixer can not cost less than 3,000 to 2,000 rubles bath and kitchen is not satisfied.

Before choosing a mixer is necessary to understand what determines the price:

1) From the material from which the body is made. The higher the copper content in the alloy, the more expensive mixer.
2) From the design.
3) From the producer country.
4) From the insolence of the seller.

For me, at the moment there are four price categories for mixers.

1) Cheap. In the case of such mixers minimum content of copper or copper completely absent. Usually they are made of silumin, aluminum and silicon alloy. Such "smesaki" can be put on the short term. When selling an apartment, a good pick up and put poor quality. Or set as a temporary solution during the repair of apartments. Their term of office for six months. The price is 1000 Bath and 700 rubles for the kitchen.

2)Low quality. The mixer is made of zinc alloy, aluminum, magnesium, and with a minimum copper content - TSAM. Such a mixer can be up to two years. But usually in the first year of the problems begin with the tightness of the housing. Price 1500 Bath and Kitchen 1000 rubles.

3) low cost. The brass body of the mixer high copper content. But in order to reduce the cost of the alloy can add extra dopants to facilitate production. That usually affects the quality of the product for the worse. Also, in these mixers do not use quality cartridges. The service life of an average of 5 years. Price 3000 Bath and Kitchen 2000 rubles.

Cheap ring cartridge replaced after 3 years. On the budget blender.
Cheap ring cartridge replaced after 3 years. On the budget blender.

4) Quality. The body uses high quality brass with a copper content of at least 60 percent. Branded Ink Cartridges. Gussaki made thick-walled. The service life of 10 years or more. Price 4000 Bath and Kitchen 3000 rubles.

Minimum prices are listed at the beginning of 2019

Not always a shop plumbing can be honest. Sometimes they give a cheap mixer on the road. Therefore, you should know how to distinguish quality products from sleaze.

Choosing a faucet correctly:

1) Pay attention to the box and the contents of the box. If there are additional devices to unscrew the aerator, plastic mounting caps for nuts and others. This is a good sign. Manufacturers are not high-quality mixers do not fork over the extra costs.

3) Appearance. Substandard mixers have poor chrome coating. In the photo below. In brass visible light smooth transitional "highlight".

4) One of the most important criteria when choosing a faucet is its weight. The higher the copper content of the heavier body mixer. Ask the seller to give you a hand, two favorite "smesaka". Choose the one that is heavier.

5) Try to look inside the body, you can see the quality of the casting. Just look at the internal nut, if they did not chrome, they must be bronze.

The brass body of the mixer.
The brass body of the mixer.

6) Check the moving parts. They should move smoothly without sticking. It is also an indirect indication of the quality of the metal is aerator.

Aerator metal.
Aerator metal.

What brand to choose a faucet?

Recently, a lot of good companies in the production of faucets began to produce budget line of their products. This means that reducing the price they have to produce the goods of lower quality, saving alloys and components. Based on this again carefully reread the article and feel free to go to powder brains sellers consultants to the nearest store plumbing.

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