Chinese bought a mixer. Nameless. Kontrofaktny. Conclusion plumbing.

  • Dec 28, 2019

I ventured to buy a mixer without a name. As the seller told the factory to China. On the question of why there is a box company name he answered - "We sell mixers are produced in a single plant with well-known international companies. You do not have to pay extra for the brand, All the same but a lot cheaper. " I am seduced by the sweet trill Seller plumbing store.

Why do I buy it?

1) Weight. Upon mixing very difficult.

2) Price. He cost me 2,300. Initially, the price tag was in 3200. A thousand wooden cheaper.

3) Design. Wife liked the boxy shape.

Parse. We are looking for the catch.

The first drawback - the plastic aerator.

The second drawback-ring cartridge cheap.

Included with the mixer no fittings to connect hoses.

Advantages of the mixer.

Fully brass, heavy body, shaving evidenced | -).

All units clear contiguity. The landing place of the cartridge flawlessly.

The main drawback of this mixer was revealed after mounting on washbasin - When you turn the mixer on the mixing of hot and cold water "worth" a huge noise in the form of veil

shshshshshIPEN. Wife was very upset and wanted to pass it to the store. The problem has been resolved, but that in the next article.Subscribe to plumbing.

But in the end I am satisfied as "elephant". Quality does not mean expensive, if you modify "a file ..."

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