I came to bid me tagged cat. Getting rid of the smell.

  • Dec 28, 2019

For all the time while I am working as a plumber my shoes, in other people's apartments, labeled twice. In the first case I had to throw shoes tk shoes were old. In the second case, the shoes were good, although bought in the shop " Second-hand. "

ShortAs usual I come on the application and see the presence of a cat in the apartment. The air is not cleaned peculiar smell cat litter. I asked the owner apartments- " Your cat does not mark my shoes? "In response slyshu-" No you do that? Our cat is never not make it, we mannered". And with peace of mind do the work, but it can not control shoes tk it stands in the hallway. Each time take shoes with you, for example in a bath well is something to do.

After finishing the application left the apartment, the fun beganin the cabincar in the air my swallows emerged the smell of cat urine. Horrified off his shoes... Yes, the shoes were labeled.

Footwear after special processing.
Footwear after special processing.

I had to interrupt the working day. Walk on applications with special. deodorant well as does not want to. And the other cats in the apartments will be against :-). He called his wife and gave a mandate to isolate our cat and prepare a solution for removing cat urine odors. We have successfully applied when our cat "urine hit in the head and drained out on the sofa."

Soda, hydrogen peroxide, a detergent.
Soda, hydrogen peroxide, a detergent.


1) Soda.
2) hydrogen peroxide.
3) A detergent.
4) Water.


Pour into a bowl 200 gr. water. Add to the water two teaspoons of baking soda. Stir. Adding detergent, one tablespoon and again interfere. At least fill 100 ml. hydrogen peroxide. While there is a reaction immediately pour part of the solution in the shoes. The rest is quickly applied to the surface of shoes, rubbing an old toothbrush. Footwear coated with a solution left for 6 hours to complete the reaction. This solution cleaves the molecule your pet urine.

Process shoes solution must be completely. Not only the marked place.

As a result, the smell of the shoes was gone. But at the same time spoil the look of suede shoes. The first photo shows the difference in color. In any case, working shoes, not so bad. And so it goes.

Acceptance of shoes my cat.
Acceptance of shoes my cat.
They say a good way to remove odors sold in pet stores - Duftapet. You can also try the means to get rid of odors Formidron. It is sold in a pharmacy.

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