Plumbing epic of war acid with calcium deposits.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Plumber I decided to show off the mind and clean the battery acid, the plumbing in the house. Not enough to him bottomless information on the Internet about the use of a weak acetic acid for cleaning chrome friends. And I went through their visited a store for spare parts "iron horses" and there zaimel weak solution of sulfuric acid. Arriving at his mansion twisted aerators on all vodanalivayuschih devices.

And put them in a pot overseas is not the usual form.

Fill the bowl with the "petrified" aerators acid requiring unusual caution, so as not to damage the glossy skin and charming apple.

When working with acids, use personal protective equipment.

And reunited with aqueous acid stone. There was a war between "H2SO4" and strong deposits on the surface of "chrome". Beautiful bubbles float to the surface of the "military action". For good penetration acid enemy lines kept in Fougères aerators within 3600 seconds.

Then came the moment of truth!!! Fill the container life-giving moisture and neutralize acidic troops limestone mountains with "Shihan". We take out the tips of water-filled devices and present them to the court scrupulous reader.

Removes uric stone battery kislotoy- Here.

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