Most problematic water meters that should not be put at home.

  • Dec 28, 2019

For all the time with counters on the water, and I put a lot of them, I have accumulated some information counters from the budget segment worth up to 600 rubles, it is not necessary to install. I made a rating of meters from their own experience.

B / y counters.
B / y counters.

I do not recommend to install.

1) "Normal", "Economy" Poor quality metering device. Often it fails in its first week of operation. The reason for breakdowns large backlash in the counting mechanism.

Not desirable to install.

2) "Arzamas", "Ekvatel", "Gerida".

Often break down due to a fault or depressurization mechanism schetnog housing an impeller. Also included in Arzamas are made of metal, nuts are difficult to unscrew the replacement of devices.

"Betar" and "Meter"
"Betar" and "Meter"

I recommend to install.

3) "Meter", "Betar"

Fairly high-quality metering devices. Breakdowns happen, but rarely. Mechanisms fit well and rarely give failure.

None of the devices are not recommended for repeated use during re-verification. Power quality has deteriorated in recent years. Maybe it's a conspiracy manufacturers ?!

Quality assessment of water meters is only my opinion.

The comments ask about the quality of the counters of other manufacturers. Follow channel 😉