Clean drains from the hair without calling the plumber. Indiscriminately drain in the bathroom.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Every day a person loses hair, according to some estimates up to 100 hairs a day. If the men's short hair and they do not clog the drain, then with women's real problem. With daily cleaning shag sink in the bathroom constantly clogged. Therefore, an unpleasant monthly, until the gag reflex, the need for analysis of the siphon under the bath. At the moment, there are several options to eliminate blockages associated with a lot of hair in the drain.

1)The use of special chemicals. It may adversely affect the plastic parts siphons.

2)Monthly disassembly drain the bath. Unpleasant procedure. It is not always acceptable to some people.

3)Call plumbing. "Beats" afford.

4)Using special. facilities from China. On it will be discussed below. In the end there will be an unpleasant picture of a hair out of the sewer, I recommend to those who eats is not to look to the end.

Spring grip.

As the parcel arrived immediately decided to try it out. To my delight the hole in the sink was perfect. Capture entered the sewer siphon tightly. I pressed the spring in the handle, opened the capture, move with open jaw, let the spring. The jaw is closed. I began to pull out, and unfortunately that does not catch. But I'm not one of those who give up too early. I had to tinker about a minute. Another attempt, and that's at the end of felt heavy. Finally I managed to get a lock of hair were in use.


Handy thing for sewer cleaning the hair. It was not necessary to disassemble the siphon and romping in the dirty water. Of the minuses can be distinguished: Shipping is a long time. Not at all grating will siphon. Just the "grabber" can be used in hard to reach places and get swamped with details. Devaysa price is low, the actual price for today you can see on the site of Aliekspress link.

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