Defend the apartment by red ants. Personal experience.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Recently, my friend complained about the invasion of small yellow ants in their apartment. Remember how we were able to get rid of insects from their parents, I decided to share with them the method to get rid of pesky insects. And I think you will benefit from this experience.

The enemy must know in personDo small yellow ant name-has "Pharaoh ant" and his homeland Egypt (it is interesting that he did not stay there to live? warm, dry sea nearby). Its distribution in our homes due to the warm climate in the houses, the presence of wet places and most importantly in our homes "box" set of micro cracks and micro wrinkles. The small size of an ant allow them to move across virtually the entire apartment building.

Important: Ants of this species throughout the house, there are several "queens" bring the eggs and continue the race. Even if a "womb" to discover what its place will come with time is different. Therefore Slipping off a turn only his apartment from the "ants", they migrate to the neighbors and eventually return.

Where live: The plates overlap, gaps in the basement, behind the boxes and poorly bonded wallpaper, in cluttered homes. In short, can settle wherever dry, warm and dirty.

As you have to get rid of the enemy alone is not possible. Therefore, you must take some action.

What to do ?

We must try to gather like-minded neighbors. Neighbors should be from different parts of the house, and not just on your landing.

The action plan we have been as follows:

1) We purchased an insect gelA great warrior, it is sold in stores "Fixed-price and Ashan, I bought at a local store." In its structure, the gel has sweet taste, ants miners found him and carried to the nest to feed the ants do not leave the "Resident Evil" and uterine. The active ingredients are not just kill them, but to do it gradually. To ensure that all members of the colony were poisoned. The drug may be different, but it is important that he poisoned the entire colony, rather than single items.

NOT product advertising.
NOT product advertising.

2) On a certain day all the residents involved in this "holy war" means is applied in public places and paths of ants. In this case, other means are not used in parallel. In order not to disrupt their communication with each other.

3) For previously booked treatment from ants basements. Applications are submitted in their dispensation. If you do not treat the cellars, there is a possibility of their imminent return in a roundabout way.

If you are friendly neighbors, and you will spend together such manipulation of the likely death of the entire colony in your home. And when did not hear the cries of the members of semi- "Again these ants"

Total: It has been 2 years since the battle with the ants, the revival of the colonyPharaoh antsDid not happen.

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Timofei Mikhailov.