Swindlers offer installation of gas analyzers. Instructions on how to not spend money for nothing.

  • Dec 28, 2019

I constantly have to work with people aged. Being in their homes easily find common language with them. Conversation, they complain about the large number of scams. Some of the pensioners with shame told how across on their tricks. In these articles, I will talk about common methods of "legitimate" weaning money. So that you do not fall into the fraudsters.

cheating method: Installation of gas analyzers.

Gas analyzer.The instrument measures the quality or quantity of impurities in the air. It can be used to identify excess content of harmful gases in the environment. When exceeding the maximum allowable concentration he starts making a loud unpleasant sound.

gas leak sensor "Sentinel"
gas leak sensor "Sentinel"

Legend of scams: Carried out a scheduled inspection of gas equipment. The flat revealed no special sensors, such as a gas leak sensor. You say that the government issued a decree "with the number 546" of equipment of all tenants of apartment buildings special. devices that detect gas leaks. You will be shown the false document. Would get pictures of destroyed houses from domestic gas explosions that cause you fear. You will begin to threaten to impose a fine for the lack of these devices.

cheating Price: 2000 p. 10000 p. device cost can be very low. At the same time offer post-employment benefits, lowering the initial price of 2 times.

Attention! During scheduled maintenance of gas equipment, be sure to put up a notice on the front door to the entrance.

What to do? In order to clarify to you come true worker of the gas service, or a swindler should:

1) Pay attention to the appearance. Gas workers wearing special clothing. They have it regulated by the rules.

2) Ask for a certificate. Check the validity certificate action. Full name, position and division.

3) Call your gas supplier and find out whether there is work in the gas industry for your address.

Photos from the site - http://odin.msr.mosreg.ru/files/image/02/28/53/wid.jpg
Photos from the site - http://odin.msr.mosreg.ru/files/image/02/28/53/wid.jpg

Scammers in the apartment. Realizing that you are allowed to enter the apartment "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" Ask them to retire. Tell them that the legend - "to my son and he rides a police officer." Pretend that you will call him right now. You'll be surprised by how quickly people can be removed from the apartment.

You bought the device and they are unhappy? Refer to the local police. He will explain what to do.

You want to install a gas analyzer? It is better to buy it themselves. And install according to instructions. Read comments.

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Take care not to fall into the hands of fraudsters!

I hope the information was useful to you. From SW.Timofei Mikhailov.Share this article with those who want the good. Knowledge is power !