Revelation Comptroller water utility.

  • Dec 28, 2019

I had to work with inspectors checking water meters. They told me many interesting things about the tricks used to stop the water meters. And also some features when traversing control.

A photoсчетчики.jpg
A photoсчетчики.jpg

1) It was found that steal water mainly by neodymium magnets. Magnet blocks the counting mechanism and accounting of water stops. Some manage to use other methods, which they counted about seven pieces. What it is not only the people to get a freebie.

Photo personal archive.
Photo personal archive.

2) If the apartment is put magnets it is easy to diagnose by:

• Response-magnetic stickers, it changes color when exposed to a powerful magnetic field.

• The instrument is scuffed. Leaning magnet to counter it will inevitably scratched.

• According to the testimony water meters underestimated, especially if the apartment unit 4. Usually, the water flow in the apartment is - hot twice less than the cold. GVS example 55, HVS 120 or WAN 210 and 450 HVS. If the gap is more that there is a possibility to use a magnet. Or counters are not functioning properly. A special program in the office sees this and highlights such apartments. Penalties for the magnets we have reviewed previously


Photo - Personal archive.
Photo - Personal archive.

3) If you accidentally or intentionally broken seal is necessary to inform the water utility. You do not have to pay a fine, pay only departure controller. The amount is not large.

4) Supervisors in traversing apartment, try to immediately get into a home and get to the bathroom. Landlords usually do not have time to remember the magnets and caught. The effect of surprise.

5) By law, supervisors can get into an apartment no more than once a year. If you do not let them completely for the counters, they may charge you for water consumption norm.

6) If a person underestimates readings with a magnet or other means, and show off to the neighbors, these neighbors is the first report to supervisors on water theft.

7) The salary of the inspectors and the low premiums for detection of theft of water they receive. To my question, and try if caught by the owners to agree on the spot? They modestly silent.

I hope the information was useful to you. From SW. Timofei Mikhailov.