The neighbor asks to disable Wi-Fi router because of the high radiation in her opinion.

  • Dec 28, 2019

A few days ago we in the stairwell there was an announcement from the anonymous neighbor. It offers WI-Fi to disable the router after stopped working on the Internet. Arguing that - "I do not think it's good" So you think before you write this on a bulletin board and look in the internet for information about the effect of radiation. I thought to myself, standing on a staircase.

In any case, I wondered how harmful radiation router and here is what I found out:

1) There are requirements to technology which emits radio waves, all the Wi-Fi router placed on the market are certified in "Rostest". Devices with high radiation that can harm the body are not allowed on the market. And they will be considered counterfeit.

2) Radiation router almost 600 times less than the allowable emission and safe for humans.

3) The strength of the irradiation with the use of the mobile phone 3 times higher than that of Wi-Fi router

5) Microwaves operate on the same frequency of 2.4 GHz as routers. And microwave power of 100, 000 times higher than that of the router. In this case, a good microwave oven does not produce radio waves. It saves us from the harmful effects.

6) In fact the conventional radio, television, electrical appliance, military antennas are all sources of radio waves.

Till I wrote the above, still thoughtful. And he came to a disappointing conclusion. radiation sources are increasing, and the harm that can cause radio wave in the long run (50-30 years) is not physically examine who can not. We can only wait. But in any case, a person has to adapt to the new realities of life. The body will get used to the increased radiation and it will take more than a decade.

The only way to get rid of the impact of electromagnetic waves is to leave the city and settle in a remote village. Where there is no medicine, roads, and other benefits of civilization.

P / s. Cockroaches in the cities are not lost due to mobile communication, but because of China's poison in the form of a pencil, "Masha". Locally I meet them in some apartments. But this is only my personal opinion.

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Timofei Mikhailov.