Why plumbing lazy, bad and sloppy? Investigated.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Plumbing on my own experience all the delights of the arrogant attitude of some of the tenants to the person. Just below the article in the comments slips disregard for the plumbing profession. In my head I am not highly intelligent developed some thoughts on the matter.

Why plumbing lazy?

Let's say your apartment began to flow central taps. You call a plumber to eliminate leaks. Doing the work he collects keys and going to leave your apartment. But you stop it and complain that the water in the sink goes bad. At my brother the plumber responds that he has little time and can not get the job done. Leaving you in bitter solitude. In this case, it seems to you that all the plumbing lazy and untalented.

Remember! Plumber will not do the job for free, except for certain types of work. Such works I wrote earlier. Offering additional work arrange payment for services in advance. Plumber with Jeka happy to comply with your request efficiently and flawlessly. Not right now, so after work.

Why bad plumbing?

With the communication skills of many of my "comrades" is really the problem. This is due to many factors: 1) Dirty and low-paid jobs. "Who's that studied" - you say and will in part right. 2) Conflicts with his superiors, processing. 3) Work with people. The third point probably the most exhausting. Explain that some owners of apartments on request by calling a locksmith feel "navel" of the earth. And find plumbers low-grade people. But with such a category of people, and there are conflicts, exhausting and unsettling. After such haughty people we can come to your request and unfortunately will not be able to prove love and attention to your person.

Why grubby plumbing?

Casually dressed locksmith profession is cost. Typically, performing a certain application has to go down into the dungeon of an apartment building, called the cellar. In the old building stock to disconnect the riser must be given time to crawl through dirty pipes to their goal. It does not matter that you only wash clothes or got it in stock yesterday. The task to be performed. On the day of diving in the basement can be a few times. Believe me, if erased every day if we can come to you anyway "grubby".

Be more forgiving to us, and we'll be back to do the job more efficiently. All good.

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Timofei Mikhailov.