Save? Change the water meters on their own. Fotoinstruktsiya.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Replacement of water meters alone can save you money. But the wrong water equipment installation can also cause major damage. What should be done before the replacement of meters?

Step one. Call management company and warn that the plan to replace the meters.

Step Two. Find the emergency number that serves your home. In case of an emergency when replacing the flow meter, you have to know where to call, but do not yell "help".

Step Three. Realistically assess their capabilities in plumbing. If you have never worked with the keys, it is strongly recommended to change the counters.

step four. Prepare keys. Ideally there will be available: on the one open end 30-32, adjustable to 32. The first pipe wrench or Twin 2 for severe cases.

Substitution counters. Consider a severe case.

1) Shut locking taps on the water. If the tap is not "holding" the call to the housing department and solve the problem with them.

2) Remove the first nut of two keys, preferably closer to the gate, drain the water in the jar or basin.

3) Unscrew the second nut. One key on the nut, the second thread take over the counter.

3.1) can be taken for body water meter.

3.2) the counter can be disassembled In severe cases, and thus take up:

4) dismantled water meters, change the gaskets with new ones. Do not use the FUM tape, it is not needed (shove it where you do not need annoying).

5) sets the counter in the reverse order, without dragging the nuts. Necessarily look at the arrow on the meter case. It should be in the direction of water movement.

Be sure to consider these factors:

High risk of failure of the valves on the iron pipes. T. cranes to thread may be rotten.

Oxides hard nut is unscrewed.

These nuts are very difficult to unscrew.

Good unscrewed the nuts. If they do not oxidize.

After replacing the call to the management company for oplombirovki counters.

For your actions when replacing the counters, the author does not bear any responsibility. Everything is done at your own risk.

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Is it possible to independently change the counters on their own, we have considered here.