Installation magnets on the water meter. What are the consequences?

  • Dec 28, 2019

According to their type of activity is constantly faced with the owners of apartments, which are trying to help with the installation of water meters on the magnets save the family budget. On the question whether you know the consequences of their actions in unison answer "no." Let's look at this issue.

Why landlords put magnets? each has its own category.

1) The poor. Trying to save money. Unnecessarily high funds for communal practically absent. This category is really poor, they do not have money, it can be seen as apartments and tenants appearance.

2) "All I steal and steal," "People steal millions, and they can not be me?" "Che, I worse than others?". I call them... cleverly dressed. These people are well-furnished flat, absolutely not troubled but deceive his neighbor's holy work.

3) Miser, redneck, miser. At first glance, people are not very rich, but not a disaster. Save on all that can be moved on a good road and have the accumulated funds. That it is a pity to waste.

Do you recognize yourself? If so please write in the comment to which category: '-).

Why can stop the counter magnet? water meter design that is common to us, has a number of drawbacks. Lower impeller rotation, which is in the water, it transmits the rotation to the upper counting mechanism via a magnetic coupling (magnetic field). And if using an external magnet to break this connection the counter stops. Any counter exceptthis, You can stop the powerful external magnetic field.

The reaction to the magnet stickers.
The reaction to the magnet stickers.

What will happen if you put a magnet on water meter?

1) Quickly breaks down the meter. Damage to the appliance is extra cost of its replacement.

2) You will be much more likely to visit controllers, because hot water and cold-water consumption is reduced, and this can be clearly seen on the Programs at registration.

3) The possibility of imposing a large fine. And your savings will lead to large costs.

"Yes, I put a thousand years, and a magnet was still awake."

Consider a situation, you are putting a magnet and let's face it, steal water (let me cast aside slippers in the comments but it's true). You live in fear! And if you do not start up the controller for the counters, it can do other family members. Or stupidly forget about magnets. The controller knows all the tricks and try before you get to the water meter, so you do not have time to remove the magnets. Such cases the mass.

Liability for unauthorized intervention in the metering device.

When you register counters, you undersign that will not interfere with the operation of the counter. Even if not painted, the theft of energy resources have a government decree. The worst thing is that for the magnet on the meter you can take with standard of consumption multiplied by the multiplying factor of 10. Over the past 3 months.

RF Government Decree of 26.12.2016 N 1498, paragraph 81 (11)

Photo act of a water meter registration.
Photo act of a water meter registration.

"I do not let the controllers and I do not care." If you do not, then how do I know the Criminal Code has the right to charge the unused cubic meters of water in your payment order.

Downstairs react to magnet sticker.
Downstairs react to magnet sticker.

Anti-magnetic sticker. Its damage, discoloration or attempt to remove confirms theft of water. Share this article with those who put magnets, save their ass.

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