Each apartment imetsja aerator. But not many people know some of the tricks associated with it.

  • Dec 28, 2019

In many homes, landlords, faced with the difficulties associated with aerators on faucets. And just delete them, causing entrained water flow. I have to explain some things. Just tell how further reduce water consumption by using no cunning refinement. But let's order.

What is the aerator?

The aerator is available in each modern mixer. This nozzle is necessary to reduce the flow of hot and cold water. By mixing the water with air, it makes the water jet "softer". Reduces cold-water and hot-water consumption by 30%. Almost 1/3 less. Is not the truth amazing series. Many do not think about it.

You must know: If you do not like the pressure of the water coming out of the mixer, the first thing that you should check out - aerator. In my practice many have to show how it's done. It is necessary simply to turn away and clean all the inlets using a needle. If you've never spun an aerator, then do it now.And you will be surprised at how much dirt can accumulate in it. Aerator basically turns by hand. Unscrew it counterclockwise.

DO NOT remove the aerator from the mixer, resulting in a high flow of water. And a lot of splashing.

Often clogged aerator? If you delete them aerator mixer, because it often becomes clogged, it is necessary to install a filter on the introduction of water into the apartment, it will prevent clogging of the aerator, and will prevent damage to the mixer from the ambulance.

Finalization of the aerator: To further reduce the water consumption by about 50%, of the necessary thin rubber cut gasket constricted. Install it between the body and aerator gasket, we tighten it to the spout and use. After this revision visually appears that the jet of water remains the same due to the greater saturation of water with air. In the meantime, the air is free in our country, it is necessary to use.

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Timofei Mikhailov.