You will never flood the neighbors if you follow three tips plumbing.

  • Dec 28, 2019

From the practice I know that many tenants of apartments do not know basic things that can lead to a flood. During my practice I have accumulated statistics on leakage reasons. Let us consider them in order.

Plumbing fault that led to the deluge:

1) Flexible hoses with which connected faucets, toilets and other plumbing. They have their own life. In general, they serve up to 5 years. After this period, possibly breaking the braid. Do not be lazy, do not palpate sticks if a thin wire with a hose. Rusty stains on the shield sign of the imminent flood. Just check the elasticity of the hose if it was "oak" that it should be changed. Now get up from the computer desk or will rise from the couch and climb up under the sink, palpate hoses, if not done now, then forget it. And your laziness is the cause of loss.

2) on the washing machine hoses also have a relatively short lifespan. Frequency of replacement of 3 to 5 years, remember when they bought a washing machine? More than five years have passed? easily change the hose, because the hose loses its elasticity, microcracks appear and it bursts. Keep in mind that the connection of the washing machine hose will only be sold through a small shut-off valve. And you it is closed? "And that it should be closed" tell me the owners of apartments, when I told them to make comments and tell about the charm of the flood.

Remember, after each wash, you have to close the tap, not easy because it is set.

3) Valves water shut-off in the apartment, to be serviceable. If there is a water break, then you can override it with ease. Without prejudice to the neighbors. Remember the last time you blocked water for an apartment? If it has been more than a year, they will be hard to override it unnecessarily "soured". Do not take chances, making great effort to them, invite the mechanic that he has restored their work, or replaced with new ones. After installation of new valves every 3 months Develop taps, close and open them.


a) When leaving the apartment for more than 2 days to cover the entire flat water.
b) Teach all family members to close the water supply.
c) For the repair of the pipeline will bring the valve in a convenient, accessible location, not close their boxes. Or install a manhole access.

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