Due to a malfunction of the water meter, the CC can make you pay a higher rate.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Almost all apartments have water meters, you see that on the counter to pay for water at the moment more favorable than the norm. If suddenly your meter is broken or expired calibration, it must be replaced. Consider the case when replacement is necessary metering device.

Counter broke.

1) Misted glass inside the meter.

2) Figures with the readings are in place. In this case, the water flow is.

Outdated water meter.

Calibration interval counter has expired, in which case it must be replaced. View dates of your device can be in the passport of a water meter. Check the number on the sheet and on the counter if they match then check the release date of the device. From this moment begins the recalibration period. He is also listed in the passport of the meter. Usually, it was 4 years on the hot water meter and 6 years old at the counter cold. At the moment, all the devices are designed for 6 years. If no passport is the year of manufacture can be found on the counter mechanism or stickers Seals. In some instruments, it is indicated on the lead seal.

What will happen if you do not change a faulty counter?

EIf the management company identifies a faulty meter, they charge a fee for water according to the standards, which is not very profitable.

How to troubleshoot the Criminal Code of the counter?

To you with periodic inspection inspector can come and write a prescription. Also in the program subscription service can be seen that the water flow in the apartment fell sharply, this is a signal to management company that the device is not working properly. Likewise identify tenants who apply a magnet for stopping the unit.

Even if the meter will stay out of work 6 years, or at the counter flow was quite small, for example 2-3 cubic meter, then this counter will still be replaced. It is believed that the water meter with time starts to count down. Here are our laws.

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