How not to suffocate in the cellar? Fotoinstruktsiya.

  • Dec 28, 2019

The process of putrefaction and decomposition products, such as potatoes, cabbage, carrots can absorb all the oxygen in the cellar. Descending into a room space lack of oxygen the body can lead to death.

What to do if you need to go down to the cellar? Consider how I was doing before descending into a vegetable storehouse.

My cellar is located in the garage.
My cellar is located in the garage.

First we need to make a stand for the candle.

Candle on a rope to go down into the cellar. We witness the burning of candles. If it starts to dim or burn completely extinguished it in your cellar, a high concentration of carbon dioxide. down there NOT.

In no case do not check the candle manholes. They accumulate methane which can bring an explosion.

Additionally, oxygen is injected into the cellar, to displace "heavy air".

To do this, use a fan from Teplopushki.

View from above.
View from above.
View from the bottom.
View from the bottom.

Growers ventilated for 10 minutes. I go down into the cellar with the renewed air. I dial vegetables. Safe and sound back home. By myself I know that if you do not ventilate the room feel worse, dizziness appears. If the oxygen concentration will be a little something to get out is very difficult from the cellar. Because steep staircase.

Basic rules before descending into the cellar:

1) In the cellar must be ventilated.
2) Do not go to the cellar alone, if the cellar man pants, down to him must not. Even if you really want to save it, call the Ministry of Emergency Situations. And blowing oxygen from outside the cellar. Mach broom, plywood anything before the arrival of rescuers.
3) does not close the inside of the garage. Open garage attract the attention of the guards. And maybe you will save.

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