Six Tips experienced plumber.

  • Dec 28, 2019

To you a plumber to come and repair or installation of equipment. And you are in doubt as the quality he has done his job!? And what you should do, before his arrival, many do not know!

For better provision of repair, create a favorable environment in the workplace. Think of where you work, whether purely in your workplace? If yes, then you need to understand that the same conditions should be and plumbing.

Council of plumbing:

1) Suggest my shoes (schists, slippers, etc.) This will allow me to walk on the floor with enough pure comfort. If this is not done, and the floor is heavily dirty, I can walk in the shoes in your apartment.

2) Place your order in the toilet or bathroom. Remove urine smell from the toilet, and chirkachi. Remove the cat, smelly trays. I do not have to inhale the vapors of urine, from which the sick. At such times there is no desire to perform quality work. Remove the dryer underwear, tampons, pads. Remove trash. Or at your workplace, too, all this is?

3) Prepare cloths, absorbing water. Dishes for collecting water.

4) If I have to work on your lap or lying down, please give me a pad under the knee. I for example, there are occupational diseases associated with the knees and joints.

5) During operation, especially when I was very tense, do not ask me too many questions. Do not tell too much, I still can not hear you.

6) Do not stand over the soul! You do not need a long time to look at as I work. If you do that, then I would like it removed.

I do not think it is difficult to perform such advice. If you come with me so, and the price tag for the work I do not put a high. If the landlord harmful, the value of my work increase.

Content plumber = good job.

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