Do not use radiant floor heating in apartments. Or why the apartment is cold and run cool water instead of hot.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Periodically flats meet Heated floor in which the coolant is heated water from the central water supply or heating systems. On the question whether the apartments owners know that such a space heating in apartment buildings "denied" they say, "We do not know "," we bought an apartment with a floor ", etc. We will understand why the order should not be and what to do if you have a floor present.

1) Warm water floor heating systems by.

If your floor heating system is connected to the load on your heating system riser (the vertical pipes in the apartment) increases. Apartments on the riser would receive less heat. This is due to the fact that the resistance in the floor heating pipes above (due to the smaller diameter) than inheating radiators. Initially, the project house, additional resistance to heat transfer medium is not put on a warm floor. This means that the imbalance in the heating system. Which reduces the temperature in the rooms your neighbors. It is also possible in general lack of heat through the riser because of the air lock in the horizontal floor heating pipes. Especially at the beginning of the heating season.

2) Warm floor by hot water riser.

Underfloor heating of domestic hot water is also not desirable. This is due to the fact that the fluid resistance increases in the floor heating tubes. What disturbed circulation of the coolant in your riser. This leads to a decrease in the DHW temperature is below normal. And in the pipes starts to flow a little warm water. What causes discomfort to occupants of flats on your riser. Also have to pay for warm water, hot water tariffs.

How to get a warm floor permission from the central heating and domestic hot water?

Official permission for floor heating in the flats from the heating system or hot water almost none who is not given, arguing that increasing the load on the system. Because of one apartment remodel balanced system or who will not. And if they are, then do it very expensive and not cost-effective.

What to do if you have a floor?

It is advisable to disconnect the system. In practice, the apartment with underfloor heating can be readily calculated (especially for heavily impaired circulation). Sooner or later you have to dismantle them. And naedyatsya that you will not be fined.

I want a warm floor to do?

The market is a wide range of underfloor heating, electric. If we make a market analysis, you can easily pick them up to suit your needs. Also, electric floor heating is far more flexible than water floors.

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Timofei Mikhailov.