Water meters can change yourself! The law does not prohibit.

  • Dec 28, 2019

It is time to change the water meters and you impose their service management company? You have every right to refuse them! Buy your own counters and replace them.

If you arranges the price of the service "Management Company" for replacement of meters, then settle for a replacement meter on their side. Their service is usually included: Counters, locksmith work on the replacement, oplombirovka, making the act of the reception counter on the commercial account.

If you not satisfied their "rip-off" (the price for the service is usually overpriced) and they are threatening not to seal the metering device. That you plan to replace yourself, then you should refer to the law.

FZ dated 07.12.2011 N 416-FZ "On the Water Supply and Sanitation"Article 20, paragraph 5

For convenience, highlight important words.

5. Meters for water, Wastewater placed subscriber, The organization operating the water and sewerage networks, on the border of the networks of, border subscriber operational responsibility, these organizations or another place according to agreements listed in Part 1 of the article 7, Part 1 of Article 11, paragraph 5 of Article 12 hereof, agreements on how to connect (Technology accession).
Meters for water, Sewage established for determining the amount of water supplied by the subscriber contract of supply, designated subscriber contract wastewater wastewater, They are sealed with organizationsWhich carry hot water, cold water and (or) drainage and which have signed these agreements, free of charge to the subscriber except in cases where the sealing of the respective metering devices is made by an organization repeatedly in connection with the violation of the seal of the fault of the subscriber or third parties.

Reference to the law will leave at the end of the article. It turns out that you have the right to replace the water meter. In this installation the seal after the replacement counter is put free of charge to the subscriber .


If you accidentally pass more evidence than there are you-invoiced round sum. In this case, the counter is OK and has not expired calibration interval, it is strongly recommended before changing to invite a representative of the Criminal Code. For accurate removal of evidence. If you do not then you do not return the money paid for the unspent cubic meters of water.

After the self-exchange flow sure to save:

1) Data Sheets flowmeters.
2) Remove the metering devices.
3) Make a copy of a passport water meter.

How to replace water meters, if they are not dismantled, consider the following article.

Reference to the law:"On the Water Supply and Sanitation"

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