Stains on the money from the plumbers. This need to know everyone.

  • Dec 28, 2019

On his experience will tell how my companions bred unscrupulous tenants of flats on the extra money. To avoid this you need to know some things.

You need to know:

Experienced Plumber is a subtle psychologist who can your appearance and environment to evaluate your ability to pay. The richer the environment the higher the price tag. There is a reverse time, some do not disdain the dregs breed of retirees, they are most trusting unnecessarily brought up in the Soviet era.

How to deal with the "psychology"?

If the interior is rich say that the apartment is removable, for example, it immediately makes me negotiate the price tag for the service. Figure out the solvency of the tenants.
Elderly parents or when not leave alone with shabashniki. A high probability of fraud.

Both free and paid services:

It is necessary to begin to understand what a "riser"

This vertical tubes on the left in the photo. And not what thought some readers. Blue tube drainage, "kakahi" merge into it. Two white tube hot water. And one cold.

All work related to these risers free of charge to your service company (housing department). The exception was the replacement of the towel dryer to your liking. As well as changing the wiring diagram of the riser.

If the central cracked sewer pipe or there was a smell in the apartment then the replacement is done without payment. This applies also works with cold-water and hot water risers. Also heating. TK is obschedomovyh PROPERTY and you pay for repairs on a monthly basis.

Where to start paid service?

All piping cold-water and hot water after locking gates. Sewer riser after the tee, it's your personal property. Here begins the paid services. Drip barrels - fee. Emaciated mixer charge. Clogged siphon charge. etc.

Moot point is always a replacement locking valves or valve-Books. We have accepted that the valve is buying the owner of the apartment. A work to replace by others without payment.

Remember to work with emergency obschedomyvym property is free of charge. But some comrades plumbing demand money for it. In this case, the portion of the master call and ask for clarification.

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