"Mina" time. Gigienichisky shower can cause material damage.

  • Dec 28, 2019

Increasingly, the apartments meet hygienic shower. Very handy thing to care for the fifth point, after a bowel movement. An alternative to a bidet. But improper use of this shower can lead to property damage. I'll explain now.

All photos in the article from the personal archive.
All photos in the article from the personal archive.

With this structure, hot and cold water is mixed in a thermostatic mixer. The output is warm water. Pleasant to "touch".

But usually use a regular flag mixer connected with a watering can. For example like this:

If your intention is to establish hygienic shower or use it, you must know:

Always close the mixer after use. As pictured above if you have a conventional mixer. Or, as in the photo from the bottom
if you have a thermostatic mixer.

Possible damage:

1) The overrun of hot water due to the failure of the check valve. I explain: typically higher pressure in the heating system. If the check valve is broken in the domestic hot water starts uncapped mixer was transferred by HVS, the water meter would you cranking cubes. A filled your hot water riser cold water. During that neighbors will tell you "thank you" if you cant calculate in your apartment.

2) If she fails watering this will lead to an uncontrolled filling your home with warm water. And it will start to fade your carpets. A floor below the neighbors get a free shower. But it's expensive and not everyone can afford.

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