We would like to throw out an old scarf, but made a useful thing for the house

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, dear friends!

Today we will make a very useful thing from an old scarf. Yeah, I have a little sewing hands, but you can on the sewing machine. Personally, we sewed his hands, not because of the fact that we do not have cars, but that would have to show that you can do without it.

we used for the manufacture of:

· Old unnecessary scarf;

· Needles, thread, scissors;

· Two large buttons;

· Sock large;

· Remnant.

Most recently spoiled suitable scarf, have burned it, and just throw out - it is not interesting, not our way!

Step 1.

Scarf Collapsible layer 2 is not necessarily two. We are putting a big toe and outlines its remnant. We do not draw a straight sock on, and the stepping 1.5 - 2 cm.

Step 2.

Cut that drew.

Step 3.

Take the white basting thread and, retreating slightly from the edge. We leave intact the part where the leg will be included.

Step 4.

Gut-wrenching to get a "sock" and sewn with black thread.

Step 5.

When we are asking a gut-wrenching back and remove the white threads.

Step 6.

At the request of a large sew buttons or any other decor.

All pets chuni ready. Not sure exactly, maybe they are called differently.

If you had something to do not understand, look still and video:

Write in the comments, how to properly called such a thing?

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