Christmas trees of plum stones and cardboard

  • Dec 28, 2019

And hello again, dear readers!

Many liked the workshops on the theme of Christmas, and today we do desktop Christmas tree made of cardboard and stones from plums. Tree turned out interesting and looks very unusual.

For manufacturing need the following materials:

· Cardboard;

· Pencil, scissors, sewing meter or a piece of string;

· Hot glue;

· Brush;

· Acrylic paint;

· Large sequins;

· Beads;

· Belt with rhinestones.

This Christmas tree can be done in a few hours. It is perfectly decorate your desktop or shelf in the house.

Step 1.

Take a piece of cardboard in the corner anchoring needle sewing meter and do the layout. Arbitrary size, which you no longer want, and do so.

You can do without a meter. Take a piece of string, one end with a finger in the corner of the carton and on the other end of the reel pencil. And as a compass draw a line.

Step 2.

Cut the cardboard, fold it into a cone and sizing hot glue.

Step 3.

Plum pits should be clean and well dried, otherwise they will be bad stick.

Bone Glue upwards. First sticking bottom row around the cone, and then a second row are staggered.

Thus bone glue to the top of the cone.

Step 4.

Paint acrylic paint green. Apply the paint large areas and not yet wet sprinkle with glitter.

Step 5.

And rhinestones tape do semblance ball (made of 2 pieces). Glue beads on top of the Christmas tree.

Step 6.

On the Christmas tree glue some white beads.

Herringbone is ready.

If you would not understand something, watch the video:

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