Creative Bag from vinyl records and felt

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, dear needlewoman and rukodelniki!

We have various bags sewn from old jeans, made of felt. And today will be something quite unusual - a bag made of vinyl, and felt.

Here is a direct see now will fly high connoisseurs with a refined taste and impose Kakulia in the comments. 馃槉 Yes please, I'll be only too happy!

So, the bag turned out sooo unusual, pretty simple to manufacture and is not expensive on materials.

we used for the manufacture of:

路 2 vinyl;

路 The line, a piece of soap, stationery knife, scissors curly;

路 The soldering iron or an awl with a candle;

路 Thick thread, a large needle;

路 A thin felt;

路 Hot glue;

Step 1.

Take 2 plate and a piece of soap features as shown.

Step 2.

Soldering iron with a fine tip or an awl heated over a candle Burn holes. Office knife cut away the burrs.

Step 3.

Thread length measured from the circumferential size and drag on the felt.

The bandwidth of 15 cm.

Step 4.

We sew the resultant strip of felt to the plates through the holes. Sewing use thick HB thread and a large needle.

Step 5.

Cut 2 strips of felt 6 cm wide and long, which will be useful to you. It will handle bags. We fold them in half and sewn on a typewriter.

Step 6.

We sew the handle to the bag.

Step 7.

Cut from the same felt strip width 1.5-2 cm scalloped scissors.

Glue strips with the inner and outer sides of the attaching points of the handle.

Hot glue tightly glue the felt, then does not tear.

Step 8.

A sheet of paper 11 by 11 cm add up 2 times in half, that would make a small square.

Draw and cut out petals. The result was a flower pattern.

Step 9.

We transfer the pattern onto the felt, and cut out the outline. All you need to cut 6 flowers.

Glue all the pieces into a single volume flower.

See how to glue the flower:

Step 10.

Cut the green felt and glue a few leaves on the plate.

We painted over with acrylic paint center of the plate, but it is not a mandatory procedure.

Glue the flower in the center of the plate.

Bag ready!

And here's another bag.

Bag made of old jeans with his hands

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