A large plastic bottle can be a useful thing for the house

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear fans to create their own hands!

Another artifact of a large plastic bottle, nice and quite helpful. Yes, we love to make crafts out of plastic bottles, because it's fun and you can think of a lot of things that can be done.

we used for the manufacture of:

· Most of the plastic bottle to 10 liters;

· The knife, scissors, hacksaw;

· Sandpaper, nail polish remover;

· Acrylic paint;

· Decoupage napkin;

· PVA glue, hot glue;

· Lace;

· Acrylic lacquer.

Simply do not bother and buy, if you think that way, then do not waste your time on this article. Thanks!
And for those who are constantly doing something with their hands and love this business, see the step by step wizard-class photo.

Step 1.

Plastic bottle cut into 2 parts, as shown in the photo. Cut off all unnecessary. We saw off the neck of a hacksaw.

Step 2.

Emery paper passes by the edges and cut off the entire bottle. On scratched bottle glue will hold better. Wipe liquid plastic polish remover.

Step 3.

Paint both sides of the bottles of white acrylic paint using a piece of foam rubber. Dry them for about an hour.

Step 4.

Decoupage napkin cut into the desired size and glue. For bonding using PVA adhesive which was added to 1 1 of water. Apply the adhesive on the cloth from the center to the edges to expel all the air.

Leave for a few hours, which would wipe is dried out.

Step 5.

On the top and bottom of the bottle pasted white lace on hot glue.

Step 6.

Cover acrylic lacquer 2-3 times at intervals of 1 hr.

Step 7.

We glue the two pieces together with hot glue.

A large vase for fruit ready. It can be used as a flower pot.

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