Very simple Christmas Decor champagne bottle

  • Dec 28, 2019

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Made a very simple Christmas decorations Champagne bottle with his hands. Repeat this decor under force to any person. The result was a bright Christmas bottle, which can be put on a festive table or to give.

need for decoration:

· A bottle of champagne;

· Nail polish remover;

· Bobble;

· Christmas decoupage napkins;

· PVA glue and hot glue;

· Acrylic paint white;

· Acrylic lacquer;

· Sequins.

Step 1.

With the bottle and remove all labels wipe her nail polish remover.

Step 2.

We cover a bottle of white acrylic paint - it will be a primer layer. Leave for an hour, until the paint dries well.

Step 3.

Take a decoupage napkin and hands tearing the bits you want. Ragged needed that would not be visible transitions when we stick a napkin.

Step 4.

Putting a fragment of cloth on the bottle and start gluing. Sticking on of PVA diluted with water 1: 1. Sticking to the center to the edges with a soft brush. Gently smooths the image and remove any air bubbles.

We fix our fingers a little, very careful not to tear the cloth.

Bottle of paste on all sides and leave for several hours to dry.

Step 5.

Decoupage napkin cover acrylic lacquer in one direction, to avoid smudges on the brush.

Step 6.

Hot glue do drops and smudges.

Step 7.

Smudges of paint white acrylic paint.

Step 8.

Smudges cover acrylic paint and sprinkle with glitter. Just plot the varnish on some parts of the bottle and also sprinkle with glitter.

That New Year's bottle ready.

Open bottle is very simple, with a knife cut in front of hot glue in the region of the cover, and then clean as a banana.

If there was something unclear, watch the video.

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