The original chandelier made of plastic spoons and plastic bottles

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear friends!

3 years ago I made a simple chandelier made of plastic spoons and five-liter plastic bottle. The result was a very interesting hack, which still hangs in the country and surprise guests.

For the manufacture of chandeliers, I used:

· 5 liter plastic bottle;

· Plastic spoons;

· Cartridge wire;

· Energy saving light bulb;

· Hot glue;

· Scissors.

How long does it say exactly spoons can not, I can not remember. About 120-150 pieces. Hot glue enough 3-5 bars. A light bulb must use energy-saving light-emitting diode, or that virtually no heat.

Step 1.

I cut the plastic spoon handle, we do not need.

Step 2.

Plastic bottle cut the bottom, leaving the top as some want to make the height of the chandelier.

Step 3.

Getting spoons glued cut from the bottom up to the neck.

Pasting the first series on a circle, and then sticking the second row and so on.

Glue should be applied in small portions, otherwise the plastic bottle on the grates.

Step 4.

Glue spoons to the top.

From spoons glue ring which will cover the neck of the bottle. Ring is glued to the bottle.

Step 5.

In doing lid opening, threaded wires connecting with the cartridge and the cartridge is pasted to the inner side of the lid.

Step 6.

The lid is screwed in place. The cartridge install a light bulb.

Here and ready original chandelier made of plastic spoons.

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Write in the comments how you such an idea chandeliers?

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