The decor of the plastic forks and DVD drives

  • Dec 28, 2019


Recently, I post the article, "The idea of ​​the decoration of plastic spoons and cardboard"Which like many readers. Of course, there were those who "crap one's pants" our work well so far without it, everyone likes can not and this is quite normal.

Today will be a small master class, how to make decorations of disposable forks and DVD discs. This hack is so simple that to repeat it will not be difficult, no one, I think. The decor can be done in 1 hour or even faster.

For the manufacture of decor will need:

· Disposable plastic forks 36 pieces;

· DVD discs 2 pieces;

· Hot glue;

· Jute twine or other strong thread;

· Flat shells;

· Paint in spray can.

Step 1.

Plugs glue hot glue in pairs, "teeth" to each other. Glued plugs for reliability, even on the sides of the sizing handles, and not to wait until the glue cools, cool in cold water.

Step 2.

On the drive in a circle, spread evenly plugs and glue them. Additionally pour glue for greater strength.

Step 3.

Glue on top of the second disc.

Step 4.

We have used here are the shells, if you do not have these, you can always think of something to replace them.

Seashells glued to the top disk.

Step 5.

On the rear side glued a small loop of twine jute (you can use any strong thread). On top of tabs glued a piece of wine corks that would loop has not fallen off.

Step 6.

From the spray painted crafts silver paint. You can use a completely any color you like.

The paint has dried, inlay ready. You can hang on the wall.

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Many thanks!