Chic decor for the house of sticks and foam

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello my dear readers!

I have written several articles about the production of decoration for the house. And usually do decor and Christmas. Many liked our work on this now show you another decoration for the house, a very simple and easily manufactured.

For the manufacture of decor I used:

· Dry branches of any tree;

· Major salt;

· Sandpaper;

· The knife, marker, brush;

· Solvent;

· PVA glue and hot glue, "Titan";

· Thick foam (polystyrene);

· Acrylic paints;

· Paint in the cartridge;

I apologize for not very high-quality photos, it was filmed over 2 years ago, a cheap camera, so even with bad lighting.

Step 1.

Dry twigs were peeled with a knife and sandpaper.

Step 2.

The large capacity poured salt. Threads coated with PVA glue and sprinkle with salt.

Obtained here are twigs. We dry 3-5 hours.

Step 3.

On a piece of foam painted custom shape marker and cut it. On it and also outlined the second cut.

Step 4.

In the center of one piece of plastic foam painted and cut out an arbitrary polygon. 2 halves glued together with hot glue.

Step 5.

The cover poured some solvent and a small brush, apply to the foam. The solvent corrodes foam. I did it to give foam clumsy.

Step 6.

When the glue is dry on the branches, painted them with red paint from a container. You can use any color you like. If you paint with white paint, then we obtain the snow-covered or frosted branches.

Step 7.

Foam on top of missed PVA glue and showered salt. He left to dry.

Step 8.

Colored salt into the foam of white paint from a container, and the sides bronze acrylic paint.

Step 9.

Branches stuck in the foam and filled with hot glue.

The central recess in the foam sleep salt, almost to the top and filled with glue "Titan". He, when dry, it will be like a frozen water.

Decor is ready, you can decorate your desktop or shelf in the room.

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