3 ideas on how to make a vase out of a plastic bottle

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear readers!

We pretty much do various handicrafts made of plastic bottles. And today I want to show you 3 simple ideas how to make mini vases with their hands. Vases were very nice and they can even pour the water.

we have used for the manufacture of vases:

· Plastic bottles of 1.5 liters of Fanta;

· Silicone sealant;

· PVA glue, hot glue;

· The knife, scissors, a marker;

· Conventional napkins and decoupage;

· Air clay, porcelain, or cold, or polymer clay;

· Beads and crystals;

· Paints in spray cans;

· Acrylic paints;

· Acrylic lacquer;

· Universal paint in the can.

Those who are far from needlework and craft may seem that these vases are not worth of spending on materials. Here's what to answer, who constantly makes any crafts, we always have the almost all of the materials from this list. And the consumption of materials is so small that vase out a penny.

First vase.

Step 1.

With a plastic bottle label remove, mark and cut the bottle, as shown in the photo. We need lower and middle portions of the bottle.

Step 2.

At the bottom, from the inside to put the silicone sealant. Insert the middle portion of the bottom and a little scrolls that would sealant smeared.

Squeezing a bit of sealant and a stick for ice cream hammered the remaining gap, which would have turned the sealed vase.

Step 3.

Glue crumpled napkins on a vase. Sticking on of PVA diluted with water to 1 1mu. Leave to dry for 12 hours.

Step 4.

Paint dark green acrylic paint and dry 1-2 hours. Then, a little tinted white paint.

Step 5.

Air plasticine (More on air plasticine read here) Molding in Molde and glue the flowers on the vase on the PVA glue.

Step 6.

Vase cover universal varnish from a container.

The first vase is ready, you can pour the water and put a low flowers.

The second vase.

Step 1.

We do the same as with the first vase. We cut the bottle and glue the parts.

Step 2.

Using an iron and a piece of paper rounds off the neck of the vase.

Step 3.

Paint the vase with white paint from a container.

Better to paint outdoors or in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling paint.

Step 4.

Glue into place the joint of the bottle with tape polubusinami.

Step 5.

From napkin decoupage cut out the bits you want and sticking to a vase with white glue diluted with water 50 to 50. Leave to dry for an hour or two.

Step 6.

Cover the bowl with acrylic lacquer.

Vase ready.

The third vase.

Step 1.

As in the first embodiments and cut glue bottle.

Step 2.

On the neck cut out petals and bends them out.

Step 3.

Paint red paint from a container.

Step 4.

Adhesive glue rhinestones on the vase.

All is ready!

See which vases of plastic bottles we have done:

Bright Vase from a plastic bottle

Exclusive vase made of plastic bottles

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