Air clay or light clay. What is it and why you need it

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello dear friends!

Some time ago we discovered the interesting stuff - it's the air clay or as it is called, lightweight clay.

From ordinary clay air has some differences:

· Air clay starts to congeal 1-2 hours in air;

· After hardening a bit like a rubber, but fragile;

· After drying, it becomes very, very easy;

· Can mold as usual from clay molded into or Molds;

· You can paste raw;

· Can be painted any color.

This clay is very well suited for the production of decor for handicrafts.

Let me tell you more about this remarkable material.

I bought it at the local market at a price of 100 rubles per pack, in which the 12 colors. You can buy Aliekspress. Clay hermetically packaged in sachets.

Plasticine, if it pulled out of the bag, be sure to use the full, otherwise it will start to dry out. If you put it back in the bag and cork tightly, still dry with time.

Clay is very soft and pleasant to the touch and very well kept any form. From it you can sculpt almost anything as out of the ordinary clay, and you can make a decor placing in Molde.

On close examination, you can see the loose structure. It is because of this it is so light.

Weighed piece of clay from the 1st bag, get 7 grams. And once again weighed after 3 days when it dried up. It yields 2.5 grams. Weight decreased almost 3 times, and this is considering that a piece is not dried out before the end.

Clay dries within 1-5 days depending on the thickness of the product layer. The layer dries up to 5 mm per day, up to 1 cm, about 3 days, and a layer of 3-5 cm is to dry approximately 5-days.

Clay, if therefrom do inlay Molde can be glued in its raw form a convex or flat surface. We are sticking to the PVA.

After drying, similar to rubber, but rather brittle fracture. Easy to cut with scissors. After drying completely shrink.

Clay when it dries, can be painted any color and varnish.

Whatever it was even more clearly, you can see the video:

I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of the cool stuff?

Fantastic material diy and samodelok

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