Gentle basket from waste material

  • Dec 28, 2019

Hello, needle and rukodelniki!

We will do the delicate basket from waste material in this small master class. Basket was very simple, make it possible for half an hour or a little longer. It can be used as a souvenir or just for beauty.

we used for the manufacture of:

· A plastic jar from cheese or butter;

· A couple of pieces of satin fabric;

· Hot glue (where do without it!);

· Scissors;

· Fishnet ribbon;

· Polubusiny;

· Plastic decorative flowers.

I think this would be great to do crafts with the children, and simply and quickly, and then the child can donate a basket grandmother or someone else.

Step 1.

Plastic jar put on a piece of satin fabric. We put small portions of hot glue inside the jar and glue the fabric.

Step 2.

Cut off from the cover rim, leaving only the flat part. Try on that piece of plastic would be included in a jar to the bottom. Do not dispose of the cut rim, it still is useful.

Step 3.

Paste cover satin cloth and laid it at the bottom of the jar.

Step 4.

From the side cut off all the excess that would have remained flat strip. It will handle the basket, so that the length of the leave, what you like.

Step 5.

Cut off from the satin fabric strip, about 3 cm wide and about 3 long handles. Strip bends on both sides and glue as shown in the photo.

Get wrapped with ribbon handle. Glue stick to the inside of the basket.

Step 6.

On top of the pasted lacy ribbon and add half beads.

Step 7.

Put in basket decorative flowers.


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Thank you!