Corals of hot glue and wire

  • Dec 28, 2019

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In this master class, I want to show you how to make an unusual and classy decor for the house - a coral from the hot glue and wire. Such decoration is perfectly located on the desktop or in another place in the room. It does not take a lot of space and does not require special care.

The decor is fairly simple, but not very fast. And you can do a couple of hours if you wish.

Decor is necessary for the manufacture of:

· Hot glue;

· Soft wire (binding wire);

· Nippers and tongs;

· Capacity with cold water;

· A pair of beautiful stones;

· Super glue;

· Acrylic paints;

· Acrylic lacquer;

· A piece of any foam;

· White paint in the can;

I will show you how to make 2 types of coral. Choose which option you like best and go!

Option 1.

Step 1.

Cut the wire at 20-30 cm, or a different size, depending on how high you want to corals. V-shaped bend wire not uniformly but with different long "tails."

Step 2.

Apply hot glue onto the wire. What would a long time to wait until the glue has cooled, dip in cold water for a few seconds. If you want to add the glue, then wipe with a cloth first, and then the adhesive does not stick to wet.

Step 3.

When the blanks are ready, we combine them together and twist the wire. At the bottom we are doing the same wire some sort of stands and all filled with hot glue. Gnehm branches as you like.

That's how I came.

Step 4.

Take the stone, which you liked. Apply a bit of superglue and glue coral. While superglue not seized, to fix the coral stone hot glue.

Step 5.

Paint coral red acrylic paint.

Step 6.

Stone cover with acrylic lacquer.

The first option is ready. At the end of the outcome of the show.

Option 2.

Step 1.

Straight wire pieces adhesive cover, as in the first embodiment. That would not hold in their hands and not wait until the cool down, I'm stuck in the foam. I simply did not have at hand a large water tank.

Step 2.

Twist the wires ready for first 3-4 pieces together. Then collect everything together and fasten with hot glue.

Step 3.

Paint with white paint from a container (you can use a different color).

Step 4.

On the stone we put superglue, and anchoring coral hot glue.

Touch up the spine of white acrylic paint.

Step 5.

Stone cover with acrylic lacquer.

All is ready.

How do you like this idea of ​​decoration?

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Thanks a lot!