Idea that can be made from burlap and foam ball

  • Dec 28, 2019

Greetings, dear friends!

Today will be a very simple Christmas crafts made of burlap, foam balls and other materials that can be done with your hands for 20-30 minutes. It's an idea for the house to decorate and create a festive mood. An interesting idea that could even repeat the novice.

For manufacturing you will need:

· Sacking;

· Polystyrene beads;

· Hot glue;

· Scissors;

· Jute twine;

· Decorative plastic branches or real;

· A few small bumps;

· A little satin ribbon.

Burlap can buy there, where they sell fabrics, and yet it is often sold in hardware stores and construction markets.
Foam balls and plastic sprigs can be purchased in stores for needlework.

Now, the details and the steps.

Step 1.

The Styrofoam ball making a small indentation of 1 cm, skewer or scissors. Jute twine makes a loop and glue in it in the hole in the ball.

Step 2.

Take a small piece of burlap and wrap the ball. Tying it as a bag Jute twine. Straighten the wrinkles on sacking that they were equal and uniform, and cut off all unnecessary.

Step 3.

Glue twigs, berries, pine cones, and a tube of cinnamon (cinnamon can be replaced by a piece of twigs).

The first balloon is ready.

Second ball is the same way, only the pasted live twigs and tied with a satin ribbon.

Here's what happened, great Christmas ideas!

If you would not understand something, see a short video:

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